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EssentialMac | 02/08/2014

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AOTD: PintSaver. Find the Best Beer Deals Right From Your iPhone

12/06/2014 |

Trying to work out the best deals on your drink isn’t an easy business. Supermarkets know their psychology placing what “might” be the best deals on the ends of aisles but they aren’t always the best. Is that 4 pack really such a good deal per pint when compared to a multi pack. It’s all bothersome to work this out. PintSaver to the rescue.
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Here’s How To Enable OS X Yosemite Dark Mode

11/06/2014 |

OS X Yosemite is the biggest visual overhaul Apple’s made to the Mac in years, but developers at WWDC seemed most excited about one tiny UI tweak – dark mode. Read More

Convert VHS, Betamax, S-VHS to digital with VIDBOX for Mac

06/06/2014 |

Honestech VIDBOX for Mac can easily convert precious memories on old analog videos including VHS, Betamax, S-VHS, camcorders or any other video player with RCA and/or S-Video outputs to digital formats. Read More

Review: Edifier Luna Eclipse e25 Bluetooth Speakers

05/06/2014 |

When your speakers go from oomph to pfft, sounding like the old biscuit tin sounding speakers of old there’s no two ways about it, it’s time to look for a replacement. A quick search later and the Edifier Luna Eclipse e25 Bluetooth Speakers have been given consistently good reviews, so we grabbed a set and started listening.
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WWDC 2014: Tim Cook Tears Android A New One (video)

03/06/2014 |

Next up at WWDC 2014 is iOS 8. Apple has now sold well over 800 million iOS devices and each of the categories of devices has set its own significant sales record in the past year Read More

WWDC 2014: SMS Sorted, Phone Calls From Your Mac

03/06/2014 |

Now we all love iMessage we can continue our conversation seamlessly from device to device but then we have these green bubble friends.. Read More

WWDC 2014: Continuity And Handoff, Pick Up Where You Left Off On Any iOS Device

03/06/2014 |

Next something entirely different it’s called continuity. So now at Apple we believe you should you use the right device for the moment maybe your phone when you’re on the go, Read More

WWDC 2014: Safari, More Minimalist and Faster than ever

03/06/2014 |

Safari in Yosemite been able to pack all the power of the Safari UI into a single bar. Read More