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EssentialMac | 29/07/2014

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Finally. Breeze the pedometer app synchs with runkeeper.

21/07/2014 |

When we first did our review of Breeze A Gorgeous Step Tracking And Motivation From Runkeeper, we loved it because it did one job and did it incredibly well tracking your Walking activity with style and panache. With version 1.2 you can now connect your activities in breeze to runkeeper, a feature most users have been clamouring for.

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Review: Overcast: Podcast Player. A good and free / trial ware podcast player

17/07/2014 |

From the creator of Instapaper comes the oft talked about Overcast Podcast Player.

One thing that Overcast does which no other podcast player does is to ask for an account to be created before you can do anything with the … Read More

First Look: Nakamichi NBS10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

03/07/2014 |

Summer has arrived upon us and that means the start of the picnic, barbecue, chips to the beach, garden parties etc etc so what better time to think about getting a set of portable Bluetooth speakers such as the Nakamichi NBS10.
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Why Mobile Phone Insurance Might Be A Good Idea At Glastonbury

26/06/2014 |

A leading mobile phone insurance website in the UK has called for all festival-goers to make sure they protect their handsets with an insurance policy before they go; after 1 in 20 Glastonbury revellers this year saw their phone become lost, stolen or broken.
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EA Mega iOS Game Sale. Top Titles Reduced To .69p

21/06/2014 |

We’ve written a lot about how there’s no shortage of great games in the App Store, and just to gobble up even more of your time this summer, Electronic Arts has just staged a massive sale on some of its most popular titles — discounting them by as much as 90 percent in some cases.
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Differences Between OS X Yosemite And OS X Mavericks Activity Monitor

21/06/2014 |

Side by side comparison of OS X Yosemite And OS X Mavericks Activity Monitor. It’s worth noting that with every Beta release the UI does get tweaked so these won’t be representative of the final versions

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OS X Yosemite, Why The Beta Might Not Be The Best Idea For You

12/06/2014 |

If you follow Apple, even in the remotest sense, you might just be chomping at the bit to get your hands on the Beta of OS X Yosemite. Before you take the plunge think hard and fast as not everything will be smooth. Brush up on the meaning of what a Beta is and the potential pitfalls.
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AOTD: PintSaver. Find the Best Beer Deals Right From Your iPhone

12/06/2014 |

Trying to work out the best deals on your drink isn’t an easy business. Supermarkets know their psychology placing what “might” be the best deals on the ends of aisles but they aren’t always the best. Is that 4 pack really such a good deal per pint when compared to a multi pack. It’s all bothersome to work this out. PintSaver to the rescue.
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Here’s How To Enable OS X Yosemite Dark Mode

11/06/2014 |

OS X Yosemite is the biggest visual overhaul Apple’s made to the Mac in years, but developers at WWDC seemed most excited about one tiny UI tweak – dark mode. Read More

Convert VHS, Betamax, S-VHS to digital with VIDBOX for Mac

06/06/2014 |

Honestech VIDBOX for Mac can easily convert precious memories on old analog videos including VHS, Betamax, S-VHS, camcorders or any other video player with RCA and/or S-Video outputs to digital formats. Read More