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EssentialMac | April 18, 2014

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Heartbleed Bug, what it does and how it affects you

15/04/2014 |

The Heartbleed bug is big, probably the biggest security story of year, far outweight Apple and NSA reports. It’s still getting growing and were going to be having fallout from this for a long while.
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uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac Review

11/04/2014 |

Did you have a backup? The most singularly unhelpful saying anyone can utter the moment after you’ve deleted a file or a hard drive becomes corrupted. There’s a slew of data recovery programs, uFlysoft Data Recovery is one of them with NTFS file recovery support as well
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Oral-B Smart Series electric toothbrush With Bluetooth 4.0

09/04/2014 |

It seems that nothing will be without Bluetooth connectivity soon, not even toothbrushes if Oral-B have anything to do with it. Their Oral-B Smart Series electric toothbrush has intergrated bluetooth and, you guessed it, an app.
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Metal Gear Solid iDroid iPhone Case

08/04/2014 |

If you’ve spent any time with Metal Gear Ground Zero’s you’ll be familiar with the iDroid case. Guess what, the iDroid case for iPhone will be an actual product.

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‘VOX’ Coming To iOS This Fall.

07/04/2014 |

If you were lucking enough to Macworld / iWorld 2014 and pop by the Coppertino booth you’d have seen a sneak peek and a demo of VOX for iOS, a new release for audio lovers everwhere that follows on from … Read More

Urbanista San Francisco Headphones Review. An Alternative for Apple Earbuds

07/04/2014 |

In this review we look at the San Francisco from Urbanista headphones and see if a set of £20 headphones can be any good and would they be ok as a potential replacement or alternative to the Apple Earbuds.
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The Roost Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stand

04/04/2014 |

Roost a laptop stand that actually improves your posture. The roost looks are unique but this way for a reason, it looks this way as it’s highly functional and that does a pretty cool thing with your laptop and also is highly portable absolutely.
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Vox HD Audio Player. WinAmp For The Mac

03/04/2014 |

Vox is a versatile music player the same as Winamp is for windows. It’s capable of playing back almost and file in almost any format and integrates nicely with your iTunes library.
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Apple scores 100% score in Greenpeace cloud report

02/04/2014 |

Greenpeace have often lashed out at Apple for their lack of green credentials so it’s nice to see them giving 100% to Apple in their “Green Cloud Report”

Apple has a massive data over in North Carolina which powers iTunes … Read More

Kickstarter Review : Copanhagen Parts Magnetic Lights. 2 Years waiting to be disapointed

28/03/2014 |

Oh Copenhagen Parts how you managed to disappoint me on my first ever backed Kickstarter Campaign. I backed their magnetic bike lights as that’s exactly what I needed and plus supporting smaller companies get a leg up makes me feel kinda good. Shame that I had to wait just over 2 years for abject disappointment.
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