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BMO Drops Apple Target from $118 to $116

There seems to be a trend on Wall Street. Everyone is excited about Apple, but just not excited about Apple right now. Barron’s had BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long issuing a note on Thursday reiterating his outperform rating on Apple shares while cutting his expectations and his price target. The target goes from $118 to $116. ‘Two-Dollar-Tim’ we’ll call him now. As for his lowered expectations, gross margins have got him down in the near-term. He and his now estimate corporate gross margin of 37.5% versus consensus 38.3%, according to his note. He went on to write: We believe the dilution from the iPhone SE was more pronounced in June, and September will be more driven by initial volume and gross margin on the iPhone 7. Of course, we’ll out what last quarter held next Tuesday. That’s when Apple announces earnings and hold its Q&A call with financial analysts. Corn dogs to be served after — no reason, I just like corn dogs. Source : Barrons

IDC: Smartwatches See YOY Decline in 2Q2016. Apple Watch Still Going Strong

IDC is out with some fairly useless smartwatch numbers for Q2 2016. Useless, because companies tend to not actually say how many smartwatches they’ve sold, yet there’s IDC saying it for them. Still it does give us an idea of where the industry analysts think smartwatches are or where they think they’re going. Engadget and MacRumors both ran reports on the IDC release, They say Apple is leagues ahead of runner-up Samsung, though Samsung is believed by the firm to have played a bit of catch-up. The MacRumors piece says Samsung did close the gap with strong 51% year-over-year growth and a nine-point rise in market share. Big as that sounds, Samsung only sold 600,000 smartwatches in the June quarter, according to the firm. Apple on the other hand sold nearly three times as many of its watches, yet still managed to lose market share. IDC says the Cupertino company sold 1.6 million of its wearables last quarter. Think back and we will remember that comparing Apple Watch sales for Q2 2016 to sales…

Survey Has Young SKorean Consumers Preferring iPhone

Looking for good new around iPhone? Well, look no further than South Korea — which is probably pretty far for most of you to look. Patently Apple has word of a new survey from the country. According to Gallup Korea, 41% of respondents between 20-29 years old prefer iPhone to phones made by South Korea’s own Samsung. Older consumers favor for the hometown player. According to the piece, 57% of respondents aged 50-59 preferred Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. Mostly the country does belong to Samsung. Quoting the report: In the big picture, 56 percent of the total respondents said that they use Samsung smartphones, 19 percent use LG smartphones and 17 percent use iPhones. But Apple has got the young people, who will be older people one day. Meanwhile the old people will be… people who no longer need smartphones. And where will Samsung be then? Patently Apple sees the interest on the part of the younger consumers as proof that Apple needs to open a store in South Korea. Add that to the list…

Essential Apple Podcast 011 : So 6 Months Later after becoming a developer…

So you release an app and it goes to the top of the app store charts world wide.  You leave your job to become a full time developer and what happens next. This happened to Dean Murphy the developer of the content blocking app Crystal. In this episode of the Essential Apple podcast we catch up with him to see how interesting life has been since the release of his app.

Differential Privacy in iOS 10 to be Opt-In

Apple appears to be going above and beyond with its differential privacy initiative. The company has an understandable interest in knowing what people think. It helps them help Siri anticipate what people will think or ask before those people realize it themselves. At the same time, Apple has this thing about not wanting too much information about its customers. Thus was born Apple’s Differential Privacy plan, announced a couple of weeks ago at WWDC and defined in one article as a ‘statistical method designed to reap useful intel from big piles of data or protecting personally identifying information therein’. Put a different way, Apple wants to know about users in aggregate but not specific individual users. But they still want the users’ permission – specific individual users’. Recode says that data collection under differential privacy in iOS 10 will be opt-in. The article lists three things learnt since WWDC about the initiative: (1) Differential data is making its debut with iOS 10, and Apple says it has not yet been collecting such data. (2)…

Essential Apple Podcast 008 : GazMaz was our first choice… honestly.

With one of our regulars working out the best placement for a lawn chair and the other riding around southern France looking for property we put together a list for guests to come on the show and ended up calling GazMaz from the MyMac show. We discuss the week after WWDC and a whole lot of other tangents as well. Listen Via… iTunes | TuneIn | Opinion | RSS | Overcast | Google Play | Direct Download | Stitcher This Weeks Talking Points Apple to begin paying out $400M to customers tomorrow in ebook price-fixing settlement RUMOUR: iPhone 7 may include EarPods w/ headphone jack + Lightning to 3.5mm adapter Spotify now has 100M users, but only twice as many paid customers as Apple Music Apple pulls legacy non-Retina MacBook Pro from retail store displays Now you can withdraw money from ATM using Apple Pay Nemos Hardware Store. Topdon TP550 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones with Over-Ear Design and Built-In Microphone Lightweight Wired + Wireless Headset for Hands free Calling Music Streaming High Fidelity Audio – Amazon Feedback Thanks to all of you for leaving feedback for us…

iTunes Stores Hit By End of Week Outage

Your iTunes Store problems on Friday were not yours alone. The iTunes Store, plus Apple’s App Store, the Mac App Store, and iBooks Store suffered unscheduled downtime at the end of the work week. Took a six-hour nap, they did. The piece, written as the outage was ‘outaging’, I guess, said: Customers attempting to connect to iTunes are being met with error messages, while others find themselves unable to complete App Store transactions. Friday’s sleepy time marked the third time Apple’s internet services went down so far this month. Earlier in the month Apple Music was unusable for some people due to authentication problems tied to iCloud Music Library. The next day, the piece says, an apparent server glitch took down a huge swath of the company’s internet services, including almost all iCloud related products.