How To Enable Siri On Apple TV 4 In Unsupported Countries

Siri on the Apple TV has had a somewhat stumbled rollout. The main culprit being Siri needing extra training from different parts of the globe pronounce names being the main culprit. That explanation is all well and good if you happen to live somewhere where that training has happened, and Siri is live on your Apple TV.

Thankfully there is a simple way to enable the new Apple TV’s excellent Siri support but are not in one of the eight supported countries, then you’re not completely out of luck.

Just in case you are wondering Siri is supported in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain or Japan.

How to Record 4K Video on the iPhone 6s

With each iteration of the iPhone the camera just gets better and better. With the new iPhone 6S you can record in 4K video despite the Apple TV doesn’t support it yet. Although the ability is there it is not enabled by default so you have to go hunting around in the settings to enable 4K video recording. Be warned, this isn’t for those of you who have the 16 GB model.

In its default mode the iPhone 6S records video at 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. This is a good D4 option as it gives you the best quality and frames per second without file sizes going completely crazy.

10 Handy Tricks For Making The Most Out Of Those Earbud Controls

tricks using Apple EarPods The Apple EarPods have three different buttons that help you to perform several tasks in handsfree mode. Here are some of the things you can do when you connect Apple EarPods to your iPhone or iPad. Fast forward and rewind audio or video While playing an audio or video, press the middle button of the EarPods twice and hold it down after second press, the audio or video will fast forward. To stop fast forwarding, just release the middle button. Similarly, you can also rewind an audio or video using the EarPods. To do so, press on the middle button thrice and hold it down to begin rewinding the currently playing media. To resume normal playback, release the middle button. Skip to Previous and Next tracks While playing music, press the middle button twice to skip to the next track. Press the same button thrice to skip to the previous track. Capture photos If your hands are a bit shaky when taking photos, you can set the iPhone on a…

Updated Guide. Install PopcornTime On iOS without Jailbreaking

It turns out that the original guide on how to install popcorn time for iOS without the need for a jailbreak is in need of a bit of a refresh so here is the updated guide to install what can only be referred to as the torrent-based NetFlix app. The original guide still works for the majority of people but it does require a few pre-requisites. First of all you need to be on an IOS version of 8.2 or lower and make sure that your ISP (see High Courts Block popcorn time usage) isn’t preventing you from reaching their site. Here’s how to download and install it: You can download the custom installer from: and at this current point in time, it only supports Windows. If you have a Mac, then you might want to sit this one out until the OS X version of the installer is released, or you can ask your Windows-toting buddies for a favor on this one. Remember that if you are attempting to side load PopcornTime…