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EssentialMac | 22/10/2014

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Getting Around Messages in iOS 8

17/09/2014 |

Messages has been given a royal workout in the latest incarnation of iOS 8.  Here’s some of the nice cool features to play with.
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OS X Yosemite, Why The Beta Might Not Be The Best Idea For You

12/06/2014 |

If you follow Apple, even in the remotest sense, you might just be chomping at the bit to get your hands on the Beta of OS X Yosemite. Before you take the plunge think hard and fast as not everything will be smooth. Brush up on the meaning of what a Beta is and the potential pitfalls.
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WWDC 2014: Continuity And Handoff, Pick Up Where You Left Off On Any iOS Device

03/06/2014 |

Next something entirely different it’s called continuity. So now at Apple we believe you should you use the right device for the moment maybe your phone when you’re on the go, Read More

WWDC 2014: Safari, More Minimalist and Faster than ever

03/06/2014 |

Safari in Yosemite been able to pack all the power of the Safari UI into a single bar. Read More

WWDC 2014: OS X Yosemite Markup Feature. Doodle on Emails

03/06/2014 |

OS X Yosemite is set to include a neat little feature called Markeup. Have you ever been working on an email message and realize that if you could just maybe circle something, to write something on the message maybe doodle a little something to get your point across so much more clearly? Read More

WWDC 2014: OS X Yosemite, Mail improvements and MailDrop

03/06/2014 |

So mail Yosemite has an elegant new Yosemite style UI but we really focused on the basics reliable synching, fast switching between mailboxes, quick fetches of your new mail the basics Read More

WWDC 2014: OS X Yosemite, New Design, Notification Center and Spotlight

03/06/2014 |

Looks like we might be heading closer towards the iOS ification of OSX as we know it with the upcoming release of OSX Yosemite. Phil Schiller has definitely been to the school of Johnny Ive when it comes to his product demonstrations.
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Apple Completed 12-Billion-Dollar Offering. Should of Been 17 Billion

28/04/2014 |

Apple didn’t exactly release the mighty 17 billion dollars by back plan as they only.. released 12 billion for the share buy back.

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Will Apple CarPlay Really Be the Best iPhone Experience on Wheels?

03/03/2014 |

Monday 3rd March Apple introduces CarPlay, a new way to use the iPhone in your car. CarPlay allows the user to access Maps, Messages, Music, and make phone calls with a touch of the screen in your car. You can … Read More

Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs

03/03/2014 |

The wall street journal as publishing extracts from “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs” that just happens to be curated from an ex WSJ reporter Yukari Kane. Haunted Empire is to be taken with a pinch of salt given WSJ’s manipulation of stocks and views to suite their agenda.
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