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EssentialMac | 20/10/2014

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NoReve Apple iPhone 6 Plus leather case

18/10/2014 |

Whilst the iPhone 6 might have sort of leaked before it’s release there’s still not much out there in the way of iPhone 6 Cases.  Noreve are one of the first to come out with their Traditional Range offering.

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Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6

09/10/2014 |

The last Mujjo iPhone Case we looked as was slightly different to the wrap around affair and more of a slide your phone in like a wallet type affair but that didn’t stop us loving it.  Now Mujjo are back with their Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6, based on its popular predecessor for iPhone 5
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How To Install Popcorn Time On iPhone Without Jailbreaking

06/10/2014 |

Popcorn Time is a torrent based verson of netflix, basically if it’s on a popular torrent based wesbite you can view / stream without having to download and wait.  It’s now possible to install Popcorn Time on your iOS device without jailbreaking.
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iPhone 6 Prototype For Sale On Ebay. 110% guarantee of Authenticity (lol)

06/10/2014 |

Accoriding to the listing on ebay here is a chance to bid and win on an iPhone 6 prototype. The seller is “ also giving a 110% guarantee on this being an authentic Apple prototype device.”
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Tesco Hudl2 Specifications And Pricing. Release Date October 9th. An Hudl2 Sell This Time Around?

03/10/2014 |

Tesco’s Hudl2 2 is set for release on October 9th at the same price as the new amazon fire range. Hudl2 has gained a spec bump but can Tesco sell honestly this time around?
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Incomedia launches WebSite X5 v11: More Apps, Analtyics and Upgrades

02/10/2014 |

If youre after an easy way to create a decent looking website with no HTML coding skills needed, setup an e-commerce site then version 11 of its popular, award winning WebSite X5® software could be exactly what you need.
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Review: Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

01/10/2014 |

For those who use multiple devices that are on different platforms, finding a keyboard that can switch from one device to another and from one OS to another seamlessly can be a challenge. The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 offers … Read More

iOS 8 Apps For HealthKit

29/09/2014 |

iOS 8.0.2 was a bug fix and one of the things fixed in the rapidly pushed out update was enabling HealthKit to finally work. Healthkit apps are few and far between at the useful perhaps at the moment but hopefully with time HealthKit apps and hardware will improve and we can all avoid another Passbook failure.

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First Look: iBlazr A Flash For Smartphones

26/09/2014 |

Sure the latest iPhones might have a better led flash but you know whats better than 1 led for lighting up your pictures, 4 of them and that exactly what the iBlazr comes in.
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iOS 8.0.2 Has Dropped. Fingers crossed #iOSGate

26/09/2014 |

iOS 8.0.1 came and went so fast I never had the chance to update my iPhone 6.  iOS 8.0.2 has just dropped coming in at a 78mb download.
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