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EssentialMac | 01/09/2014

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Looking To Trade In Your iPhone for an iPhone 6? Amazon’s The Best Bet But..

28/08/2014 |

World and dog seem convinced that September 9th will be the day that Apple releases a new iPhone or iWatch device and so starts the inevitable rush to sell or trade in iPhones.  Amazon’s upped the value of trading in an iPhone, well at least for those in the USA.
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Nakamichi NBS10 Bluetooth Speaker Review

24/08/2014 |

Picture the scene, with the last throws of summer leaving us, well at least here in the Uk, venturing out to the beach with friends, enjoying the scenery and chilled out feel of all.  Someone decides it’s a good idea to put some music on and trying to listen to whatever comes out of the iPhone or iPad speaker.  Right there is when the Nakamichi NBS10 Bluetooth Speakers come into their own.

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Hanx Writer TypeWriting App. From Tom Hanks Dontch’a Know

19/08/2014 |

Back before the Amstrad PCW range of pc’s made by “business studies” group bearable I had to cut my chops on a manual typewriter and believe me there wasn’t a lot to miss when the moment you press the delete key, items deleted.  Anyone reading this has probably never experienced the pain of manually counting a title so to be able to centre align.  Yet there is a reason Hanx is a worthwhile app.

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Finally. Parts leak for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6

16/08/2014 |

Odd isn’t it that for the last few months we’ve seen many part leaks for the iPhone with a reported 4.4″ display but nothing for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 until now.
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Blogo Makes Using A WordPress Blog Fun Again

15/08/2014 |

Front and centre on the app store is Blogo, Blogo is the easiest and fastest way to write, publish and manage multiple blogs.  We;ve taken a look at other Mac apps to help with running your own WordPress based blog.  Metropolis and PixelPumper were two such examples but sadly a lack of updates rendered them all but useless, especially when Mavericks came along.
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Apple iTunes ‘Remembering Robin Williams.’

12/08/2014 |

Proving once again a class act Apple have dedicated a section within iTunes to ‘Remembering Robin Williams.’ who sadly passed away 11/8/14
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WWE Network, Global Today Comes To UK In October

12/08/2014 |

One of the biggest and most overlooked channels to come to the Apple TV was the WWE network channel. A 27 / 7 streaming service showing all WWE action and pay per views for $12.99 a month with no commitment and the ability to cancel at any time, or pay $9.99 by opting for a six-month contract.
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Streaming Service Rhapsody Hits 2m Paid Subscribers.

07/08/2014 |

Did you know that Rhapsody was still around?  Well it is and it’s hit a significant milestone creaking up to 2 million subscribers for its premium services but it’s been a while.  It’s been a long road with a few turns getting there.

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New Nakamichi NBS 8 – An “intelligent” Bluetooth speaker with motion sensor

31/07/2014 |

New Nakamichi NBS 8 – An “intelligent” Bluetooth speaker with motion sensor control functions, built-in microphone and sensitive touch keys.
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Good News For Apple, Ford Ditches BlackBerry

30/07/2014 |

As has often been the case, good news for Apple is bad news for blackberry as the Motor Company is ditching the Canadian smart phone for Apple’s iPhone.
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