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5 Cheap-ish Movies of the Week

I love movies. I have loved movies since I was a kid and I went to the cinema in Wood Green, North London and watched an adventure that took place a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Ever since that huge Star Destroyer loomed onto that silver screen I was hooked. Over the preceding years I was an avid collector of VHS tapes, Laser Discs (yep, I was ‘that’ guy), DVD’s and then, to a lesser extent, Blu-Ray discs. Unfortunately Blu-Rays never really captured my imagination as another format had already attracted my attention for its convenience and non-existent storage space.…Digital Downloads.

EP57 : We Got Looped In

In this weeks podcast episode Karl Madden and Rick Mccorriston join me right after the Apple 21st event. Well when I said sort of we did have a few technical issues but we got there in the end. Recorded an hour after a technical impressive but somewhat muted Apple event. Nemo’s Hardware Store The Mapmaker FYL Back Pack Available in both Brown and cream what you have here is a stylish backpack that features a huge 11,000mAh Fabric/Canvas11,000mAh lithium-ion battery built-in – enough power to charge your smart phone 4-7 times (depending on make and model of phone)Snap closure on top, and size zipper closure18 X 13.5 X 6 inPadded…


Blogo for iOS first look

There can be no doubt about it that when it comes to the world of blogging there was only really one platform which dominates the ball, WordPress. So it has always puzzled me why the haven’t been many high-calibre apps for both the iPhone and iPad to use. Several have come and gone. Blogsy (iPad) – A great app but development has ceased as of 26th January 2016. See their blog post Blogsy no longer in the app store for a tale of it’s sad demise. BlogPad Pro – Free with an interface that looks all to similar to Blogsy. Posts – This was my favourite until once again…

Apple Let Us Loop You In

Apple Officially Announces March 21 Media Event

Finally we have confirmation that Apple will indeed be hosting an event in March. Speculation has been rife of what might be announced including an iPhone 5Se, updated Apple Watch (too soon?), a new iPad and of course there will be iOS 9.3 which has the rather nice Night Shift mode. Apple has set up a special page for the event, confirming that it will be streamed live on March 21. The video will be available here.

France Passes Privacy Bill

France Clears Bill That Could Force Apple to Add BackDoors

French lawmakers are one step closer to making it illegal to sell encrypted devices without backdoor today. The legislation introduced by French opposition party the Republicans has made it out of France’s lower chamber of Parliament still has to clear the lower house before it can be reviewed by the Senate. The lower of chamber of parliament cleared the bill on first reading by 474 votes to 32.