ShutterBee App : Track and share your journeys

ShutterBee serves as a travel journal and photo sharing platform in one. Users post photos from their past and current trips, share unusual travel experiences, create a personal travel map, keep a bucket list of places to visit and a lot more. The 2016 update brings a complete redesign of the app’s interface, simplifying navigation and making it even more visually pleasing. Browsing through other users’ posts can be done via more ways, including searching by hashtags, sorting by most popular, latest or nearby. Version 2.0 introduces the feature many users have been asking for: it now allows logging past trips even without uploading photos. Users can simply add countries,…

Road Warrior Confession

The Confessions and Apps of a Digital Road Warrior

I love being on the open road. Traveling the country lanes of our fair nation is a joy. Obviously I am blanking out the many times I’ve been stuck in horrendous traffic jams or the freezing cold days punctuated with that really annoying drizzle.In the grand old days a driver, for entertainment, could only count on their radio, CD/tape collection or watching the antics of drivers owning certain Germany manufactured vehicles. Today it is all rather different thanks to the wonderful little (well, maybe not so little since the 6S+) iPhone.This device, and I’m sure many other mobile devices, has revolutionised how we both inform and entertain ourselves while chewing…


iPhone SE Review : The New In The Old. But It Works

In perhaps the worst kept secret in the world of Apple, the new iPhone SE was launched on monday with little in terms of surprises. Tim cook may have proclaimed that Apple was “doubling down on secrecy” but somewhere along the line this got missed and for the last few montsh we’ve all head to endure rumour after rumour surrounding a new iPhone. Thankfully mondays Apple event put us out of the rumor cycle and now into the review cycle for the iPhone 5SE.

iGun The iPhone That Looks Like a Gun


The world can feel a pretty scary place these days and so I guess it’s understandable that those who have laws allowing them to own and carry firearms think they are their best protection again bad guys. I am not going

Gopili Cheap Ticket Finder

App Review : Gopili find cheap tickets for planes, trains, automobiles and coaches.

Sometimes something arrives for review at the most fortuitous time. At the start of almost every year I seem to end up having to do a fair amount of travelling. So the arrival in my reviewer’s box of Gopili, an app that promises to Find Cheap Tickets for UK and European Journeys could not have come at a better time. What better way to test a travelling, route planning and discount finding app than to test it in the real world. Find Cheap Tickets for UK and European Journeys is the strap line on the website. Gopili caters for all the usual planes and trains but it also includes…

FBI Says NAND Mirroring Not Being Used on San Bernardino iPhone

The FBI says NAND Mirroring is not the technique it plans to use to access the San Bernardino iPhone. The FBI Director James Comey was speaking Thursday at a press conference that was not supposed to be about the phone used by Sand Bernardino short Syed Farook.Computer World says the press conference was held to announce the indictment of seven Iranian nationals on charges of launching cyber attacks against US banks and accessing the computerized control systems of a dam north of New York City. But, you know, as long as the press is there and the Director of the FBI is there, why not direct a few questions about…