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EssentialMac | 22/08/2014

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Spotify update adds equalizer, refreshed Artist page and more

29/07/2014 |

A day after Beats Music updates their application, Spotify has received a bit of a refresh adding an equalizer, refreshed Artist page and more. Why isn’t Beats in the UK yet?
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Apple TV Adds Fox Now, CNBC Channel. Slowly moving towards the iTV?

29/07/2014 |

The Apple TV certainly seems to be gaining a full head of steam recently. It wasn’t so long ago that the WWE released its own “channel” and today Fox Now and CNBC have joined the lineup.
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Apple Updates Beats Music App.

27/07/2014 |

The beats music iOS app has just received a fairly sizeable update for the average user.  The company has added a tune your taste function this lets people change their favorite genres and artists under the apps settings menu users also now have access to a sentence history.

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Swell, A Pandora Type App For Podcasts Rumoured for Apple Buy Out.

27/07/2014 |

Is everything a Pandora of something now?  Anyways it seems almost to be a done deal that Apple is looking to purchase Swell.

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Swell, The Pandora for Talk Radio, Purchased By Apple…. Then Shutdown.

27/07/2014 |

It was swell whilst it lasted…Pause for laughter. The latest rumored acquisition by Apple the Pandora of finding companies to buy has been confirmed swell the Pandora for talk radio has been purchased by Apple and shut the heck down.

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Finally. Breeze the pedometer app synchs with runkeeper.

21/07/2014 |

When we first did our review of Breeze A Gorgeous Step Tracking And Motivation From Runkeeper, we loved it because it did one job and did it incredibly well tracking your Walking activity with style and panache. With version 1.2 you can now connect your activities in breeze to runkeeper, a feature most users have been clamouring for.

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Review: Overcast: Podcast Player. A good and free / trial ware podcast player

17/07/2014 |

From the creator of Instapaper comes the oft talked about Overcast Podcast Player.

One thing that Overcast does which no other podcast player does is to ask for an account to be created before you can do anything with the … Read More

Apple adds iTunes Extras to Apple TV

10/07/2014 |

Apple has released the latest version of iTunes, enabling iTunes Extras for HD content purchased in the online store. You can view these features via iTunes or Apple TV once you’ve updated that device to version 6.2. This content will … Read More