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EssentialMac | 02/04/2015

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WoodBuds HeadPhones, eco-friendly and pocket friendly wood earphones

12/03/2015 |

The time had come yet again to choose a new set of headphones. For some reason my house seems to be ergonomically designed to snag on my head phone cable at any given opportunity. The Wood look interesting especially given the eco-credentials at a pocket friendly price point. So can a set of headphones made from wood be any good?
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Hands On Video With The New Macbook

10/03/2015 |

My thoughts. Why not just shove retina in the Macbook air?

I think it’s for people who want a general laptop for browsing the web, taking notes, creating powerpoints, doing emails..

It’s not got the power to video edit or anything like that

good for coders, business people who just need to use word, outlook and powerpoint? maybe also good for some students who need a very light, thin laptop for taking notes

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New MacBook, All Day Battery Life, Full Sized Keyboard, USB-C $1299 ships April 10th

09/03/2015 |

Thinner, lighter and 30% thinner than the Macbook air this new MacBook 12” pays more attention to detail than out and out GPU and Cpu performance.  Force touch, a new keyboard and all day battery life all of which with Apple’s own tech.
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HBO Now Coming To Discounted Apple TV in April

09/03/2015 |

Apple is going to be the exclusive streaming partner for the new HBO streaming service and if you sign up in the first month, you’ll not only get 1 month free but have access to Game of Thrones Season 5 on release.
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How To Watch Apple Spring Forward Event On Your PC

09/03/2015 |

Dont have a mac, iOS device or an apple tv but want to watch the Spring Forward Event by Apple on your PC. It’s easy and heres how.
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Apples Rumoured USB Hub Could Charge Apple Watch

09/03/2015 |

Label this one firmly under what if.  What if Apple did release a slimmer 12” mac book air with only 1 USB port and then a USB hub (available separately of course). Then imagine if you will that it may have some sort of inductive charger built in for the apple watch.  Would make having a heavy weighed hub on your desk much more palatable. 

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PlayBox HD Download Released On App Store, Stream Free Movies Without Jailbreak

07/03/2015 |

There’s many way to stream full movies to your device for free. Popcorn Time was one and then PlayBox HD. PlayBox HD stopped working showing users a blank screen or crashing on start up but now it’s on the App store.
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What’s new in ios 8.2

05/03/2015 |

The full changelog for ios 8.2 is put so here’s  what you can expect. 

iOS 8.2 Changelog

The complete changelog is as follows:

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