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EyeTV Mobile, Watch live tv on your iPad 2

First the iPhone got it’s own tv tuner and now the iPad is getting the love as well with this dandy little box from Elgato. The EyeTV Mobile hooks up to the dock connector and grabs the TV signal from it’s ever so bendy antenna.  It’s freeview so you are reliant with the signal in your area (see our Elgato Tizi review for issues with this) and once again you can’t hook it up to a roof top aerial. The software supports the over the air EPG that’s broadcast and the ability to record shows in their native format to your iPad

Elgato Tivizen 1.2 Updated with Home Network Mode and more

We are still in the midsts of reviewing our Elgato Tivizen so we noticed this press update straight away.  What’s new? Home Network Mode Tivizen can now join your home Wi-Fi network! While you’re on the go, you can use Tivizen’s own Wi-Fi bubble to transmit the television signal as usual. But when you get home and power it on, Tivizen automatically appears in your home network and is available to all your devices – Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone. USB Mode To tether, or not to tether? Now you have the choice. In USB Mode, no Wi-Fi connection is needed at all. Now you can connect Tivizen to a Mac or PC via USB and use it as a conventional TV tuner. That means you can work, surf or play on the Internet, and keep an eye on your favourite TV shows, all at the same time. Performance Version 1.2 of the Tivizen app also delivers an enhanced user interface as well as optimized stability and overall performance improvements. The Tivizen App Version…