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Run OSX Lion on your iPhone (sort of..) with Ultimatum

We don’t often comment often on such areas like the jail breaking community however when we saw this one it definitely makes the grade as a news item. Not many readers will probably remember the old days of Windows Mobile. Microsoft’s attempts to bring a scaled down version of their desktop operating system to a small handheld device. This included features like the start button, movable windows and applications. Surprisingly enough it really didn’t work. Introducing the ultimatum theme developed by Jdsss which brings the Lion desktop to your iPhone. Normally things like this are just a skin without much functionality and end up running applications already installed. Not only does the automated theme genuinely looks like Apple’s desktop operating system, but it also functions as if it was a genuine operating system. You will find all the standard fare, such as finding menus, stacks, launchpad, scrollable docs and windows that can be dragged around exactly is if you were using a mouse or trackpad. The ultimatum theme requires a jail broken device and…

Installing OSX Lion from a DVD or USB stick

Though very retarded and disorganized, creating a clean install without installing Snow Leopard first is fairly simple. To download OSX Lion you do have to do it from a computer with Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and above (due to the app store condition). Lion will not be distributed on the physical media or anywhere else. (One of the ways how Apple wants to make everyone use Mac App Store). So, once you download OSX Lion it will automatically start the installation procedure.. before you click anything: 1. Go To Applications and find a filename called Install Mac OSX Lion. 2. Back That file to a hard drive or wherever just you have a copy so you can make a new DVD or USB when you need it 3. Now you need to right click on the above mentioned file and select Show File Contents 4. You will go into Contents folder and then Shared Resources and located a file called InstallESD 5. You can either burn this InstallESD.dmg with the Disk Utility but Lion installation…