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Aftershokz Bluez 2S Review – Cycle And Run Safer With Music In Your Head

The Aftershokz Bluez 2S are a different type of headphones, headphones that will let you run or cycle whilst still being able to hear what’s going on around you. The Aftershockz are wireless but they don’t go in or over the ear.

They actually conduct the sound via your cheekbone which is really weird but the technology is really cool and also really works.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Review.

Recently I’ve been a bit of a microsoft convert, Office 2016 is an amazing piece of software, surface tablets are coming along nicely and now hell must have frozen over with the release of the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard.

Thanks to the small, portable keyboard yours truly is blogging whilst enjoying a sunny day, overlooking a beach and being able to type frustration free on my iPad.

Review: Overcast: Podcast Player. A good and free / trial ware podcast player

From the creator of Instapaper comes the oft talked about Overcast Podcast Player. One thing that Overcast does which no other podcast player does is to ask for an account to be created before you can do anything with the app. From Marco Arment, OverCast Developer: I do know like if there be a lot of people who are offended by this and who would do would skip or more people who canceled their efforts to try overcast entirely just because they dont want to do that. The reason the accounts are there is because this is an entirely server backed he servers all the crawling all the updating all the notifications and everything. The server does a lot of the work and like the app doesn’t even have an XML parser. The server does everything and just outputs JSON to the app which you can can you decode quickly natively. So there has to be some kind of user identification method between the app on the server. Now if all I ever had…